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A Wednesday's Child Reunion, 2 Decades After 5-Year-Old Was Adopted

When D.C. police officer Ernest Landers was just 5 years old, he was a little boy looking for an adoptive home. Twenty-two years later, he recently reunited with NBC4's Barbara Harrison, who helped him find that home. 

Landers said he remembered being featured on the show and thought it was his "lucky day" because it led to his adoption by his two fathers.

His dads, Arnie Landers and Anthony Hutcherson, knew they wanted to raise a family and often had talked about wanting to adopt after watching NBC4's Wednesday’s Child segments for years. Each segment featured a child in need of a home. 

After working through the foster care system and taking classes, the two knew that they were ready to adopt.

Landers was quickly welcomed by his new family but always was nervous because he already had been moved around to multiple foster homes.

“I asked everybody else, ‘Are you going to keep me?’ and he said, ‘Well, yes. You’re our son,’” Landers said about one of his dads.

As he met his grandparents, aunts, and cousins, who embraced him as family, Landers got the feeling that he belonged.

As he grew older, he was a part of Junior ROTC and rose to the top ranks. Landers went to college at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and then became a police officer.

Landers is now a father himself, with a 5-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

Landers said his family always pushed him to be the best person he could be.

He said he looks back, 22 years later, and says, “I came a long way. I came a long way.” 

News4 is hoping to catch up with more of the hundreds of foster children who were part of the Wednesday's Child series. If you were one of those children or know how we might reach them please send an email to

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