A Cold November Rain (With Lightning!)

Rare thunderstorm hits D.C. Region

You may have heard (and seen) some of Mother Nature's fireworks Thursday night in the Washington region as some thunderstorms moved through.

Thunderstorms in November are rare. So how did it happen? We asked the expert.

Meteorologist Tom Kierein said the front from the Midwest picked up speed as it moved through our area, and as it did it was able to generate a few isolated thundershowers that produced some frequent lightning.

The lightning and thunder are normal for spring and summer, but are very unusual for November because of the relatively cool temperatures.

But this front was able to pick up energy in its movement from strong upper-level winds, and it was able to generate enough lift in the atmosphere to create some thunder and lightning.

So there ya go. Hopefully you enjoyed nature's fireworks while they lasted -- even if your dog didn't.

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