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You’ve Got Questions, DCPS Has Answers

School officials use new media to help parents



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    Pop quiz. 

    1. When’s the first day of school in the District?
    2. How does one apply for free or reduced price lunches?
    3. Which immunizations do students need in order to be admitted to school?
    4. What supplies are needed?
    The answers to these and many other questions are now within easy reach, according to District of Columbia Public Schools.
    “Fall semester is right around the corner, and we want to make sure all DCPS families have their questions answered and concerns addressed prior to the first day,” Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said in a statement. “With these tools, everything you need to know is just a few clicks or a phone call away.”
    DCPS has launched a wealth of new social media tools to answer parent questions.
    Information regarding the upcoming school year is available on the DCPS “First Day of School” webpage: There, parents and students can find everything from enrollment forms and applications for free and reduced meals, to immunization requirements and school supplies lists. The administration will add informational videos daily in both Spanish and English to the DCPS YouTube Channel,, from now until the first day of school. The school system also posts information on the DCPS Twitter account -- @dcpublicschools -- and Facebook page --
    In addition, DCPS is utilizing a Critical Response Team (CRT), which sounds vaguely threatening but actually involves people available to answer parents’ calls and specific questions regarding the upcoming school year.
    “As always, principals, nurses, and other school-based staff are on hand to answer questions and parents should not hesitate to reach out,” said Chancellor Michelle Rhee in a statement. “But the First Day of School page and Critical Response Team are available for those seeking additional assistance.”
    The CRT can be reached weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at (202) 478-5738. CRT staff will relay feedback directly to Rhee, school officials said.
    Pop quiz answers:
    1. Students return to school August 23.
    2. Fill out an application, available online with other DCPS enrollment forms.
    3. Requirements vary by age.
    4. Supply lists are tailored to grades and in some cases are specific to schools. And yes, the general guidelines are available online.