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Who Are the Occupy DC Protesters?

DC Research Group Polls Protesters



    Who Are the Occupy DC Protesters?
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    Occupy DC demonstrators push a mock foreclosed home past the Treasury Department while marching to the Federal Housing Finance Agency Nov. 10, 2011.

    They say they're the 99 percent.

    But what exactly does that mean? And who are the Occupy DC protesters really? 

    D.C.-based research firm Apco Insight conducted an informal survey of protesters at McPherson Square. It found 40 percent say they don't identify with any political party. And of those that do, 2 percent say they're Republicans and 25 percent are Democrats. 

    The survey also found most of the Occupy protesters are fairly young men. More than a third are younger than 24. More than 60 percent are 34 and younger. And 70 percent are men.

    While one in three is a college graduate, almost 60 percent say they're unemployed or under-employed.

    It's a group that's motivated towards changing the status quo. One in five says it's the desire to "change politics and government." More than half think they're aising awareness and changing the public dialogue.