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Wheelchairs and Whiskey: A Dangerous Mixture

Wheelchairs and whiskey don't mix



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    Before you consider helping a disabled person in peril, you must remember that they are real people, just like you and me. Which means many of them, and the people around them, are capable of doing bad things.

    That's the harsh lesson 51-year-old Louis Madrid Fernandez learned. On Monday, he happened upon a woman who had fallen from her toppled-over wheelchair, along with 47-year-old Craig William Caton, who had been pushing her. Fernandez helped Caton readjust the wheelchair and get the woman back into it.

    From there, this seemingly benign tale of Good Samaritan behavior devolved into mayhem. According to the Fredericksburgh Free Lance-Star, Caton made a remark to the woman that upset Fernandez, which was exascerbated by accusations over a missing whiskey bottle. Police said that eventually led to Fernandez being smacked in the face with the wheelchair by Caton and Fernandez stabbing Caton.

    Both Fernandez and Caton were arrested. Caton got a misdeanor assault and battery charge, while Fernandez received a felony malicious wounding charge.

    No word on what happened to the whiskey bottle.