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Virginia Turns the Page on White Pages



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    Virginia is going green and high-tech when it comes to phone numbers.

    The state will no longer automatically deliver copies of printed Verizon White Pages.

    The listings will now be available online, and customers can also request printed or CD-ROM listings.

    Virginia's Corporation Commission accepted Verizon’s request to do away with paper copies, which will save more than 1,600 tons of waste each year.

    For those who still prefer thumbing through the book looking for numbers, business and government White Pages and the Yellow Pages will still be delivered as usual.

    That's not the case in Seattle, whereis believed to be the first city in the country to take measure to stop the Yellow Pages from being delivered. The city has developed a website so that residents can opt out of delivery. If the phone books show up after that, the publisher could be fined up to $125.

    Why haven't cities thought of this idea sooner?