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Va. Woman Gets 2 Years for Fake Kidnapping

Woman lied about being kidnapped with 1-year-old



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    Sheena Flores pleaded guilty to making up a story about being kidnapped with the 1-year-old she was watching in Guatemala.

    A Manassas, Va., woman who faked the kidnapping of herself and a 1-year-old girl she had been caring for in Guatemala has been sentenced to two years in prison.

    Sheena Flores, 34, pleaded guilty to the extortion scheme earlier this year in federal court in Alexandria.

    According to court records, Flores moved to Guatemala in 2009 to care for a baby girl that she believed had been fathered by her husband.

    In July 2010, Flores told her parents and her husband that she and the girl had been kidnapped and were being held for $10,000 ransom. The FBI investigated and the husband sent a $3,000 payment to Guatemala.

    In court papers, Flores' lawyers said she was motivated by a misguided desire to retain custody of the girl.