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Va. Man Uses iPhone App to Meet Teen for Sex: Police



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    Moses Campbell

    It’s even worse than an episode of “To Catch A Predator.” A Fairfax County man is in big trouble for having sex with a 14-year old Maryland girl he allegedly met through a social networking application on his iPhone, the Washington Examiner reported.

    Moses Campbell, 44, was arrested Wednesday.
    According to an affidavit, Campbell met the girl in February while surfing the “iDate-Personals,” the Examiner reported. They chatted on the phone, then decided to meet in person.
    Campbell went to the girl’s house in Upper Marlboro and had sex with her in the basement. He went there at least two times, according to authorities. One time they had sex while the teen’s mother slept upstairs the Examiner reported.
    It doesn’t end there.
    On April 7, the girl tried to take a taxi to Campbell’s house in Alexandria, but her mother stopped her before the taxi drove off, the Examiner reported. The mother said she got Campbell’s phone number from her daughter. She called and told him the girl was 14. 
    But it doesn’t end there, either.
    The next day the girl succeeded in slipping away in a cab and eventually had sex with Campbell in his room, the Examiner reported. The girl’s mother found out and called police. The taxi company gave police Campbell’s address. 
    Nor does it end there.
    When police arrived, Campbell met them outside and told them the girl wasn’t there. Fortunately, other men in the house were more cooperative. They told officers the girl was hiding under Campbell’s bed, the Washington Post reported. Sure enough, that’s where they found her.
    Campbell is now in federal custody.