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UPS Lightening Your Luggage Load



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    Had to check a bag for a flight lately?  Did it cost you an arm and a leg?

    The airline industry in the United States racked in $769 million in baggage fees in just the first three months of this year.  Now, UPS thinks it's found a way to help you keep some money in your pocket the next time you have to fly.

    UPS Stores are introducing a new luggage box that takes the place of a suitcase, the Washington Business Journal reported. If you pack directly in the box, the package is lighter than a suitcase and will have lower shipping costs, according to UPS.

    The luggage box is available in two sizes, small and large, and is available at select stores around the country.  The box has a handle for carrying and is made of recyclable materials.

    The luggage boxes also meet airline baggage restrictions for travelers opting to fly with their belongings, according to UPS.