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Two Arrested After Firing on First Responders



    D.C. police arrested a man who shot at firefighters and a police officer in Northeast. Derrick Ward reports. (Published Saturday, June 21, 2014)

    Metropolitan police arrested two people after they allegedly fired into a crowd of witnesses and first responders early Saturday morning.

    Police said officers and firefighters -- including DC FEMS Truck 13, which had been posted in the neighborhood as a deterrent to crime, known as a "soft posting" -- responded to a vehicle accident in the 2100 block of H Street, Northeast, at 4:30 a.m. Someone had driven a car through the breezeway of Langston Terrace, and some pedestrians had suffered minor injuries.

    First responders were treating the accident victims when the suspects returned to the scene. As officers tried to question one of the suspects, he pulled a weapon and began randomly firing.

    No one was struck and the suspects fled the scene. Police later caught up to suspects in the 1500 block of East Capitol Street and recovered the weapon.

    A spokesman from the Firefighters Union said the shooter was standing at the rear of the fire truck while firefighters were near the front. They used the truck to shield themselves during the gunfire.

    The identities of the suspect and the accident victims have not been released.