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Too Few Lawyers?

Foreclosure frenzy leads to lawyer shortage



    Too Few Lawyers?
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    It seems there is a shortage, for a change, in lawyers, thanks to the overwhelming number of foreclosures.

    Advocates for more legal aid for people facing foreclosure are appealing at the federal and state levels for reform, The Capital reported. In Anne Arundel County, foreclosures have been up all year.

    [Circuit Court Clerk Robert P.] Duckworth said he felt certain a majority, if not almost all, of the individuals facing foreclosure proceedings in county courts don't have representation.

    "Which says they probably can't afford to hire an attorney if they can't afford their mortgages," he said.

    Gov. Martin O'Malley has introduced a bill to make mediation mandatory, requiring mortgage companies to participate in -- and pay for -- renegotiations of loans before pursuing foreclosure.