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"Strange Behavior" Witnesses Sought in Va. Tech Double-Slaying

Family's actions in question following Virginia Tech murders



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    Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

    Wanted: Anyone who witnessed a family's "strange behavior" following the murders of two Virginia Tech students.

    Heidi Child and David Metzler were found dead in the Caldwell Fields area of Montgomery County, Va., in August 2009.

    The young couple was from the Lynchburg area.

    Police said there were a lot of activities going on during the time of the murders.

    Investigators believe they haven't talked to everyone who may have information that could help them.

    One of the detectives asked anyone to contact them if they saw family members exhibit behaviors like going to church more often, or being obsessed with the case.

    Also today, the reward for information in the murders was increased to $70,000.

    Anyone with information should call the Montgomery County sheriff's office at 540-382-6915.