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"Shelter In Place" Order at Falls Church High School Lifted



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    The "shelter in place" order at JEB Stuart High School was lifted after officers detained a student in possession of a BB gun, police said.

    Fairfax police arrived at the Falls Church, va., school about 11 a.m. to respond to a report that there was a gun inside the building. Officers ultimately found a BB gun made to look like a real weapon and took the student into custody.

    Mary Shaw, spokeswoman for Fairfax County Public Schools, told Patch that no one was hurt and students were kept inside their classrooms while police conducted the search.

    “We instructed the school to go into what is known as ‘shelter in place,’ which means that students stay in their classroom while we do the search outside the classrooms,” Fairfax County police PFC Bud Walker said. “This was not a lockdown.”

    The student faces potential charges as well as school discipline.