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Seniors Banned From Graduation Following Prank

Students say punishment too harsh



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    Some seniors at Herndon High School will not be allowed to attend graduation because of a prank.

    Last week, some students vandalized the outside of the building with spray paint and spread baby oil on a school staircase before someone pulled the fire alarm.

    Senior Ashkan Naderi told News4’s Erika Gonzalez that he and five friends only take responsibility for the baby oil incident. 

    All of the teens involved were suspended, and Naderi and two other seniors were banned from walking across the stage at graduation next Thursday.

    Classmates have launched a Twitter campaign to try to get administrators to change their mind. The hash tag #lettheboyswalk2012 has trended on Twitter, and students are wearing T-shirts in support of their peers.

    Naderi, who'll attend Penn State next fall on a basketball scholarship, said attorneys are looking into the matter.

    Fairfax County Public Schools said similar actions against pranksters have been taken in the past. Seniors had already been warned that no funny business would be tolerated.