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Secret Service Lost Tapes on Metro

The incident happened back in 2008.



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    The Secret Service is once again under investigation, this time for losing backup computer tapes on a Metro train.

    Back in 2008, a contract employee accidentally left a pouch containing two backup tapes on a train while transporting them from Secret Service headquarters to a now-closed data facility in Maryland.

    The Department of Homeland Security is investigating the incident.

    The Secret Service says no lives are at risk, and no fraud has been committed because of the mistake.

    A spokesperson says the tapes are not marked or identified, and can't be accessed without the proper equipment and codes.

    However, this is yet another black eye for the Secret Service. Earlier this year, agents were accused of hiring prostitutes while on an advance trip to Colombia, days before President Obama was set to visit the country.

    At least six agents have lost their jobs as a result of that affair, and six others are under investigation.