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Charles County School Fears Kids Playing "Pass Out" Challenge

Several kids hospitalized



    New interest in an old game has sent several Charles County school children to the hospital. Tracee Wilkins reports. (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2012)

    School principals in Charles County, Maryland spent Friday morning lecturing their students about a game that sent several kids to the hospital.

    School leaders say three students were rushed to the hospital after they held their breath until they passed out.  They say the students were playing “knockout” or “pass out” challenge.  The challenge deprives the brain of oxygen until the person passes out.  Charles County Schools is concerned about students falling and hitting their heads on the floor or wall.

    Superintendent James Richmond alerted parents about the potential health risks and implored them to educate their children about the dangers of these types of games.  He also asked parents to monitor their students’ use of social media, saying kids are learning about the game on sites like YouTube and Facebook.

    School officials also received information that students may be taking the “cinnamon challenge” as well.  That challenge involves swallowing large amounts of cinnamon, blocking the windpipe until the person vomits or suffers breathing problems.

    The school district also stressed that students participating in the challenges could face disciplinary action for disrupting the school day.