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Protesters Arrested Outside Supreme Court

Demonstrators across country protest ruling allowing unlimited corporate spending on elections



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    Alex Wong/Getty Images
    Police arrest a demonstrator on the front steps of the Supreme Court during a protest January 20, 2012. Members of the Occupy Movement staged an "Occupy the Courts" rally to mark the second anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC (Federal Election Commission) decision.

    Several protesters were arrested Friday outside the U.S. Supreme Court as they participated in an elaborate plan to occupy courthouses throughout the country.

    Demonstrators protesting the high court ruling that removed limits on the amount of money corporations can spend in federal elections gathered on the courthouse steps about noon.

    Police soon moved to break things up, and about a dozen protesters were arrested.

    Move to Amend, the grassroots coalition that organized the event, said protesters in more than 100 cities would launch petition drives to gain support for a constitutional amendment that would overturn the 2010 court ruling, the Associated Press reported.

    Outside Baltimore's federal courthouse, protesters carrying signs reading “Corporations are not people, Money is not speech” and “B-heard: Corporate money out of politics,” drew occasional honks from passing drivers.

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