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Pr. George's Officer Involved in Shooting

Shot at SUV early Saturday morning in Capitol Heights



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    A District Heights police officer was unharmed after being involved in a shooting early Saturday morning.

    Officials say that the officer, a 2-year veteran of the District Heights Police Department, saw a green SUV strike a car in the parking lot of Irving's Nightclub at 5915 Athena Street in Capitol Heights, where he was working at the time.

    Authorities say the officer followed the vehicle to the 600 block of Old Central Avenue in his own car, at which point the SUV ran into it several times. After the officer got out of his car and ordered the driver of the SUV to exit the vehicle, police say the SUV tried to run the officer over.

    At that point, the officer fired several shots into the SUV, which fled into Washington D.C.

    Police are still searching for the SUV. There is no word of any injuries or of pending charges.