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Potomac Mills Mall Sign Returns to I-95

Original sign torn apart by wind



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    Potomac Mills Mall
    A new Potomac Mills Mall sign was put up along I-95 over the weekend.

    Since February, an iconic part of the scenery has been missing along Interstate 95 in Prince William County.

    The towering, circular billboard for Potomac Mills Mall was torn apart by high wind gusts. It had beckoned bargain shoppers for some 25 years before its demise.

    It's been a long time coming but, commuters can finally get their bearings again.

    A new Potomac Mills sign, complete with the familiar tree at the center, is up alongside the interstate. The 50,000 pound sign was erected over the weekend atop a 140 foot post. It will shine brightly at night, with almost 15,000 LED lights

    A mall spokeswoman assured that it's "green," saving enough electricity -- compared to the original -- to power three homes.

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