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Pictures Released of Pr. William 'Bottle Bomber'

Two crude chemical bombs found in recent weeks



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    Authorities in Prince William County have released images of a suspected 'bottle bomber' in Woodbridge.

    The images show a person, possibly a juvenile, filling a plastic bottle with combustible chemicals before setting it down outside a house.

    Police in the county discovered a bottle bomb on Berwick Place in the Westridge area of Woodbridge on the morning of April 6. Another explosive had been discovered last month in Kempston Lane. Early last month, five explosive devices were found in Howard County, Maryland.

    Police say that the bottles contain chemicals that are hazardous to people, animals, and the environment. Also, authorities warn that permanent injuries to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system can result from a bottle bomb explosion. The costs of an environmental cleanup can also be substantial.

    For these reasons, police warn that anyone found to be involved with the possession, manufacture, or discharge of the chemical bomb will face serious criminal charges. If any members of the public see a "bottle bomb" they are asked to immediately move a safe distance away and call 911.