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McDonnell Offers Bounty to State Workers

Virginia's governor offers prize for money-saving ideas



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    Sometimes you have to spend money to make money -- or save money, for that matter.

    That’s apparently Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s philosophy. He’s offering a cash reward to the state worker who comes up with the best idea for saving the commonwealth money.

    The governor outlined the contest in a letter to state workers Wednesday.

    “It is time for a facelift,” he wrote. “Because your suggestions are important, we want to make it easy for you to offer your best ideas and be recognized for your contribution which saves the state money, improves efficiency, or just allows us to serve our citizens better.”

    He’s calling the challenge a “30-day sprint.” Employees must submit their ideas by June 15. The winner will receive $2,500. He or she will also be honored at the Governor’s Awards ceremony on June 30.