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Parents Could Pay for Kids' Bomb Threats

Alleghany County, Md. police could bill parents up to $10,000 to cover expenses.



    Parents Could Pay for Kids' Bomb Threats

    Phony bomb threats are a pain for school systems. Buildings have to be evacuated, after-school activities have to be canceled, frightened students have to be calmed down. It's also a waste of time for police who have to investigate the incidents.

    Alleghany County, Md. authorities have had enough.

    After dealing with a recent rash of bogus school bomb threats, county officials are warning parents that they could be held financially accountable for their kids' actions, reports the Cumberland Times-News.

    "I'm just hoping that today we can appeal to parents and to all of the adults in the lives of our children to help counsel them additionally about how important it is that students not engage in these kinds of activities," said [Superintendent David] Cox, adding that video surveillance equipment has helped to catch the students involved.

    The state's Attorney General said parents can be billed for up to $10,000 to cover the police expenses. In addition, their kids could have their driver's licenses suspended for up to a year.

    Four students, two girls and two boys, have been charged in four separate threats over the past six weeks. No explosives were found, and the suspects were suspended.