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One City, One Cab Color?

New bill would make sweeping changes to taxi service in the District



    One City, One Cab Color?
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    New York City's famous for its yellow cabs, but here in the District, we've got 'em in red, white, blue, black -- and sure, yellow too.

    However, DC cabs could be required to be the same color, according to a bill that will be introduced Monday by Mayor Vincent Gray and DC councilmember Mary Cheh.

    The bill, if passed into law, would also make other sweeping changes to taxi service in the District, including mandatory electronic payment options such as credit-card readers and pay-by-phone, the Washington Post reports.

    In addition, taxis would be required to have panic buttons for drivers and passengers to use during emergencies.

    The proposal comes after the DC Taxicab Commission passed a fare hike without many service improvements.

    Before the hike goes into effect, there must be another public hearing before commissioners take their final vote.