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No, Salvation!

Salvation Army mistakes shoes left outside for donations



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    A Salvation Army collection in Reston, Va., netted some shoes not intended for donation.

    It's not uncommon for the residents at Vantage Hill Condominiums to leave their shoes outside to keep their homes clean, but when the Salvation Army asked for donations to be left out for pick up, some shoes were mistaken charitable gifts.

    "The people from Salvation Army came through and basically took everything that wasn't nailed down," said resident Ben Plater.

    A volunteer took the Randos' cedar chest along with the shoes and boots inside.

    "Aww Shoe-T!" Missing Footwear Irks Homeowners

    [DC] "Aww Shoe-T!"  Missing Footwear Irks Homeowners
    The Salvation Army was collecting donations in Reston, Virginia last week, when a volunteer mistakenly took shoes that weren't being donated.
    (Published Monday, March 8, 2010)

    "So my husband called to complain about that," Ellie Rando said. "The gentleman that was there at the Salvation Army -- what I guess was their warehouse -- has suggested that he go to Manassas and pick up the shoes if he wanted them back."

    Now, those shoes are among hundreds of others in two 3-foot-deep bins. The Salvation Army will return the shoes if their proper owners drive to the Manassas facility to claim them -- about a half-hour drive from the shoes' rightful home.

    At least one victim of the involuntary donations wants to be reimbursed for time and gas.