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New Effort Could Slow Down Drivers in Virginia



    New Initiative Could Put the Brakes on Fairfax County Drivers

    Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter David Culver has details on a proposed initiative in Fairfax County to slow down drivers. (Published Monday, Sept. 9, 2013)

    A Tuesday vote by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors could have many Northern Virginia drivers hitting the brakes.

    Supervisors approved $350,000 for a public awareness campaign and "traffic calming" in the county. The initiative was brought by Braddock District Supervisor John Cook, who has been gathering signatures of support through an online petition. The "traffic calming" could include the installation of speed bumps in neighborhoods.

    A final phase, not yet approved financially, would include stepped-up patrols and allow for more police to shoot radar. But that's a last resort, according to Cook.

    Inger Maslin, a 30-year resident of Annandale, said she supporting the proposal and has noticed a change in her community as of late.

    "When you feel unsafe walking your dog, taking your child to school... it's a real concern," Maslin said. "People who are not obeying stop signs, continuing to rush through the neighborhood, speed, and [we] really worry that someone's going to get hurt at some point."

    Maslin said she wants the community to work together and believes the vote the county's supervisors will face Tuesday is a step in the right direction. 

    "I think you have to really make it a personal conviction in yourself and talk to your neighbors to say, 'Hey, we need to work together as a community to stop this,'" Maslin said.