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Money Down the Drain?

Audit finds millions of dollars unaccounted for at the District's DPW



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    Wouldn’t it be nice to be paid for hours and shifts you didn’t actually work? It was apparently a reality for some of the District’s Department of Public Works employees.

    An internal audit found the agency can’t account for millions of dollars in overtime, according to the Washington Examiner. How do you lose track of all that money?

    According to the Examiner, the DPW relied on a “trust”-based system, and instances like this certainly don’t help: one worker allegedly got her supervisor’s password and changed the time sheets of her sister, spouse, and another employee.

    Change could be on the way. D.C. Councilman Jim Graham, who’s in charge of the Council’s Committee on Public Works and Transportation, is vowing to hold a hearing on the issue. He calls the audit “very disturbing.”