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Metro Fires Texting Driver



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    Metro has fired a bus driver who was caught texting by a passenger who posted pictures on a blog.

    In the cell phone pictures uploaded on the Unsuck DC Metro blog in February, the driver is caught tapping away on a cell phone with her left hand while holding on to the oversized steering wheel with her right.

    The driver, who's name is being withheld by Metro, had been operating buses since October 2007 . She was fired Thursday.

    Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel said under a zero tolerance policy adopted in July 2009, Metro prohibits drivers from talking on cell phones, texting or using a PDA.

    "Following an investigation, if it is deemed that someone is doing that they would be removed from service, permanently," Taubenkibel says.

    Before, Metro had a three strikes policy before a worker would be dismissed.

    Taubenkibel said he doesn't have exact numbers but conceded this is not the only firing of a driver caught texting on the job.

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