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"Metro Forward" Launches With Social Media

Metro using Facebook and Twitter sites for new campaign



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    Metro Transit is getting a social media makeover.

    It's all a part of a new information campaign to keep riders informed about the capital program underway to rebuild the 35-year old transit system.

    "Metro Forward" will use Twitter and Facebook to explain how temporary day-to-day inconveniences will translate into real benefits for riders down the road. The campaign's website metroforward.com has already launched, but the campaign will be rolled out in phases. According to the website:

    The first wave of the campaign gives an overview of how Metro is investing $5 billion over the next six years to produce a better service for customers, made possible through funding support from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and the Federal government.

    As the awareness campaign is rolled out more broadly this summer, customers will be engaged through a mix of communications channels including in-station signage and displays and on-board posters, as well as through outreach to community organizations to showcase local capital projects and their benefits.

    There is also a message from Metro's General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles on the site stating Metro's commitment to informing riders about the ongoing development projects.

    “Our customers deserve to know how we are moving forward to rebuild their transit system,” Sarles said in the statement. “This multi-year rebuilding effort is now underway and, in addition to alerting riders about construction work, we are committed to keeping the public well informed about each project and how it delivers safer, more on-time, better quality service in the months and years ahead.”

    If you want more information on the Metro Forward campaign just go to their Facebook page at facebook.com/metroforward or on Twitter at twitter.com/metroforward.