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McKinley Tech Principal Reinstated



    McKinley Tech Principal Reinstated
    David Pinder was accused of giving some students phony grades.

    McKinley Technology High School Principal David Pinder can return to work Monday.

    Acting Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson placed Pinder on paid administrative leave last week amid allegations he gave seniors phony grades

    The Washington Examiner reported that transcripts of 12th-grade students in the 2008-2009 year that listed Pinder as the teacher of some courses showed some students never got grades below a C and most were given a P for passing.

    An investigator looking into the allegations has admitted giving false information to witnesses, according to the school district.

    Henderson reinstated Pinder effective Monday.

    "While this conduct did not directly relate to the validity of the allegations against Principal Pinder, it may have compromised the integrity of some or all of the information which has been collected in this investigation," a statement from DCPS read.

    The Office of the General Counsel and the Office of School Security are reviewing information gathered by the investigator.