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Local Leads: 5/10/11

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    Washington Post: "Officials building the Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport are appealing a Fairfax County decision that they say would delay the first phase of the project by about eight months and cost up to $300,000 a day in penalties. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is supervising the rail project, is seeking approval for the location of a control room to manage the switches and signals that would transfer trains from the Orange Line to the extension, commonly known as the Silver Line. The County Board of Supervisors is set to hear the appeal Tuesday. Fairfax has already approved putting the control room at the site of an existing Metro power substation near Fisher Avenue and Great Falls Street in Falls Church."

    Insidenova.com: "You have to wonder just what two thieves needed to wash away when they stole some Mr. Clean from a discount store in Manassas Park. According to the jingle that used to accompany his commercials, Mr. Clean can clean: "Floors, doors, walls, halls, white sidewall tires and old golfballs, sinks, stoves, bathtubs he'll do. He'll even help clean laundry, too. Mr. Clean cleans anything."

    ap/ wtop.com: "When Frederick County was settled by a large population of German immigrants, every farm wife was a home brewer, Tom Barse said.Frederick Beer Week will celebrate those local agricultural roots of brewing in Frederick from Tuesday to May 14 with events at local establishments featuring local beer and culminating in a Brew Fest with live music.
    Barse _ owner of the first hop farm in the state, which started in the 1870s _ is on the founding board of Frederick Beer Week and said the agricultural aspect of brewing will be the focus by celebrating craft beer."