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Local Leads: 10/21/10

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    Local Leads: 10/21/10
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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    wtop.com: "Drivers in D.C. can't seem to get enough of their cell phones.  Motorists in the nation's capital are on pace to receive a record number of citations for driving while texting or talking on the phone.  Metropolitan Police had issued 11,088 cell phone-related distracted driving tickets through September of this year, putting the city on pace for a total of 14,784 citations.  The most tickets issued by police since the city's hands-free law took effect in 2004 was 11,904 in 2008 -- meaning this year's total could represent a 24 percent increase." 

    Baltimore Sun: "Underneath the mattress isn't going to cut it. Neither will tucking it behind the stack of "Twilight" books. Not even pushing it deep into the toe of a smelly gym shoe. The dog will find it. And he'll know it's not oregano." 
    Falls Church News Press: "Anger and frustration at a lack of answer from City Hall continues to mount among neighbors at and around the sleepy residential intersection of S. Virginia Ave. and James Court in the Winter Hill section of the City of Falls Church. On Sept. 22, City of Falls Church crews showed up at the intersection to post new “No Parking Here to Corner” signs, planted onto Winter Hill Condominium Association property, and leaving six marked on-street parking spaces suddenly illegal. Local residents say those marked parking spaces have allowed for legal parking for over 35 years with no reported accidents at the intersection." 

    Gainesville Times: "Brooke Turner never met a coupon she didn't like. Fifty cents off. Buy one, get one free. Save $1 on four items.  Every coupon she clips is like cash in the bank, said Turner, who lives in Gainesville.  "The coupons on everyday items is really money out there," she said.  Coupon clipping is on the upswing, due to a tight economy that refuses to get better. According to the Promotion Marketing Association’s Coupon Council, 94 percent of those surveyed said they used coupons last year"