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Local Leads: 01/13/11

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    Local Leads: 01/13/11
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    The following stories have been hand-selected by the Assignment Desk at News4:

    ExploreHoward.com: "Brothers Jeff and Dean Volmer have season tickets for the Baltimore Ravens. They sit next to each other at the games, tailgate together, are members of Ravens Roost No. 4 in Ellicott City, where Jeff is the president.  They always proudly display their purple. Except, that is, when the Ravens play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then, Dean dons the black and gold. It'll be a case of sibling rivalry Saturday, Jan. 15 when the Ravens take on the Steelers in Pittsburgh in the AFC divisional playoffs." 

    Herald Mail: "So far, 62 of the 88 New Guinea Singing Dogs removed from a rural Franklin County, Pa., property in November have found new homes. Confined within the wire mesh of their outdoor dog run, shy, yet inquisitive Bear and Daisy circled their new home — stopping occasionally to sniff their plastic play set — at the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue in Fairfield, Pa. Suzanne Murray, co-founder and chief executive officer of the Adams County, Pa., nonprofit rescue organization, adopted four of the rare dogs after state officials imposed a cease and desist order on Randy Hammond of Fannett Township on Oct. 13."

    Loudoun Times: "Loudoun husband-and-wife duo Scott and Becky Harris are chasing the American dream. They gave up jobs in the high-powered software telecommunication systems industry (Scott) and chemical engineering field (Becky) to purse one of their greatest passions—making liquor. “It is basically just a love for spirit-making. There’s always been this great interest in that process,” Scott told the Times-Mirror. “Every time we’d go on vacation, we’d find a distillery to visit. I kept bugging Becky, saying ‘this would be a cool business to start.’ She finally got a little frustrated and told me to go write a business plan.”