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Christmas Tree Spared Axe in Md.

It'll be a ho, ho, holly time for all



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    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but folks in Carroll County may be a little less so this holiday season. The county has decided to forego putting an evergreen tree in front of the county office building.

    You can call the bad economy the Grinch this time. County leaders say they’re trying to adjust their budget, and spending money on a large Christmas tree just isn’t in the cards.

    Someone usually donates the tree, but county workers still had to cut down the 20- to 30-foot evergreen and take it to the office building in Westminster. That cost the county $2,500.

    But Christmas will not be completely lost this year. Crews will decorate a holly tree growing in front of the office building. It may not be as tall or showy, but at least it’s free!