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Jumbotrons Could Light Up Chinatown

Local businesses pushing back



    Jumbotrons Could Light Up Chinatown
    A plan for new Jumbotrons around the Verizon Center could really light up the district, and that has businesses worried.

    It’s already lively and always lit up. But the Chinatown area could soon begin looking more like Times Square.

    The D.C. council is considering a bill that would allow up to nine Jumbotrons around the Verizon Center. The signs could be any size and that has at least one neighboring business upset.

    Vida Fitness says it’s worried the electronic billboards could wrap around the entire arena, ruining the natural light and driving down property values. They say the bright lights would be visible from the Treasury Building nearly a mile away.

    The D.C. council is holding a hearing on the issue next Monday.