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Competing to Be Best Bathroom in America

Two Northern Virginia restrooms among the best in the country



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    Some hotels boast comfortable beds. Others brag about their fine restaurants. One Arlington hotel, though, has a different asset it’s touting: its restrooms.

    The facilities at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View in the Crystal City neighborhood are among the finalists in a contest to determine the nation’s best public men’s and women’s room.

    What makes this loo so lovely? Perhaps the sinks offer some insight. Turn on the hot water and a red light illuminates the stream of water gently flowing over your hands. Turn on the cold water and you’re washing your hands in a stream of blue water. Not too shabby!

    And Northern Virginians have not only one of the 10 finalists in Cintas’ annual contest -- they have two.

    The Presidential Luxury Restrooms Trailer at Don’s Johns in Chantilly is also a finalist. This toilet-in-a-trailer is not your typical portapotty. It features granite countertops, a feature usually reserved for fine homes.

    We’ll have to wait until September to find out if either Northern Virginia bathroom is this year’s top toilet. You can peruse pictures of all the leading lavatories at the contest's website here.