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Jaywalking Stop Leads to Gun Charge in Montgomery County

Man charged after running from cops



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    Foday Abdulai Gassama

    A Montgomery County man is facing multiple gun-related charges after a police officer stopped him for jaywalking.

    An officer watched a group of four people jaywalking on Bel Pre Road in Aspen Hill, Md., Wednesday afternoon, police said. One of them took off running when the officer approached them to talk about crossing outside a crosswalk.

    Investigators identified the man as Foday Abdulai Gassama, 21, of Silver Spring, Md. They say he was carrying a red and black backpack when he started to run, but when another officer finally caught up with him, he'd ditched his bag.

    Officers retraced Gassama's steps and located his backpack in a trashcan nearby. They said it had a loaded Jennings 9mm handgun and a magazine with extra ammunition inside. Police say two kids had been playing nearby.

    In addition to several firearms charges, Gassama is also charged with failing to comply with an order by a police officer. He's being held on a $5,000 bond.