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School Day for Obama

From private to public, the President does it in reverse



    School Day for Obama
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    U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to third and fourth graders during their lunch period at Viers Mill Elementary School October 19, 2009 in Silver Spring, Maryland. The elementary school was named a 2005 National Title I No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon school.

    President Barack Obama has given new meaning to the phrase, "It's a school day."

    This morning, he unexpectantly joined the First Lady at a teacher-parent conference for daughter Sasha at Sidwell Friends School.  

    The visit was strictly off-limits to the media, who reported on it anyway, even though they had no clue what went on behind closed doors at the elite private school.

    Then, in a what some might call a reverse move, the President stopped by Viers Mill Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md., where he met with third- and fourth-grade students during their lunch period.

    We can only imagine the hush that came over the cafeteria when he walked in and started shaking hands with students, asking them what they were reading. Because third and fourth graders usually read quietly during their lunch hour, don't you know.

    Obama said he came to Viers Mill because it is "a great example of how much improvement a school can make."

    The public school receives federal poverty aid and has been celebrated for closing the achievement gap between minority children and other students.

    The president also told the kids one of his favorite books growing up was "Where the Wild Things Are." He told the students that he and his family watched the movie adaption of Maurice Sendak's popular children's book over the weekend.

    Obama's visit took all of 20 minutes. Then it was back to the White House to take care of the rest of the country.

    The end.