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Trail of Mud Leads Police to School Vandals

Police Estimate $1,000 in Damages to Soccer Field



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    A late-night prank at a high school in Woodbridge has landed three people in hot water with police.

    The soccer field at Hylton High School sustained at least $1,000 in damages late Tuesday night. 

    Around 9:50 p.m., Prince William County police received a tip that a driver was doing “donuts” on the field. Officers arrived to find a ripped up field, but no vehicle or people in sight.

    The suspects apparently left a rather large clue behind. An officer driving by the scene spotted a large muddy trail leading away from the soccer field.

    Police followed the muddy trail to Charlton Court in Dale City. They found two muddy vehicles. Three suspects were taken into custody at a nearby townhome.

    Justin Haas, 20; Nicholas Ledbetter, 19; and Ryan Hunt, 20, were arrested and charged with felony destruction of property and trespassing on school property at night. 

    All three are being held on at least $2,000 bond. They have a court date scheduled for April 20.

    It’s not known what connection, if any, the suspects have to Hylton High School.