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Gov. O'Malley Tweets Lady GaGa

O'Malley wants to meet to discuss anti-bullying



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    Maryland's governor invited pop singer Lady GaGa over for dinner via a tweet.

    Maryland's Gov. Martin O’Malley extended an informal dinner invitation to Lady Gaga on Twitter.

    The Governor would like to meet with the singer to discuss anti-bullying efforts.

    Gaga recently visited the White House to discuss the same issue.

    Gov. O’Malley and his wife, Katie O'Malley, launched an anti-bullying campaign a few months ago.

    Gov. O’Malley tweeted "@ladygaga thanks for your advocacy against bullying. Katie and I would like to invite you to dinner to discuss eliminating bullying in Maryland."

    So far,  there's no word if Lady Gaga plans to take up O'Malley on the offer.