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Gary Giordano Loses Bid for Release in Aruba Missing Woman Case



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    Gary Giordano and Robyn Gardner

    A judge in Aruba turned down a Maryland man's request to be released from jail as a suspect in the presumed death of his travel companion.

    Businessman Gary Giordano appealed an order detaining him for 60 days while authorities investigate the disappearance of 35-year-old Robyn Gardner. There’s not enough evidence to hold Giordano, his lawyers said.

    The judge rejected Giordano’s request Monday. It was his second failed appeal.

    The defense will try again at the end of the month when the 60-day order expires, attorney Michael Lopez said. Prosecutors said they will seek to extend the order.

    Giordano denies wrongdoing and says Gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling Aug. 2. Her body has not been found.

    Authorities said they became suspicious of Giordano because he tried to cash in on a travel insurance policy he took out on Gardner and there were inconsistencies in his story. He was detained Aug. 5 at the airport before he could leave the island.

    Last week, Chris Lejuez was named the new lead attorney for Giordano. Lejuez defended two security guards once suspected in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

    Giordano’s family previously hired Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez. In Aruba, Baez can serve in an advisory role and provide other assistance, but he cannot argue in court.