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Frederick Asks Dog Owners to Clean Up Their Act

$75 fine for failure to scoop



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    Apparently the lovely city of Frederick has a stinky little problem on its hands: dog poop!

    Some pet owners are letting their dogs defecate in the city, and they're not cleaning it up, according to city officials.

    The mayor is threatening to fine pet owners who let their pooches do their business and leave it behind.

    City officials said they've received complaints about poop left on the sidewalk and in grassy areas.

    "We love our City and we love our dogs, we just don’t love stepping in what they leave behind, though!" read a statement released by the city of Frederick.

    “I know that the majority of dog owners/walkers are very respectful of others and clean up after their pets," Mayor Randy McClement said in a statement. "But it only takes a few pets (and pet owners) to create an unpleasant and unsightly situation for our residents and visitors.”

    Owners who don't start bagging the doo-doo could face a fine of $75.