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Federal Officer Gets Probation for Shooting Dog



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    A federal officer was found guilty of shooting and killing a dog at a dog park and was sentenced to probation.

    Officer Keith Shepard, 32, was off duty at an Anne Arundel County dog park in August when he shot a Siberian husky named Bear Bear. Shepard said Bear Bear lunged at his dog's neck.

    Stephen Carini, who was watching Bear Bear at the time, said the dogs were playing and Shepard yelled for him to break them up but then fired before anything could be done.

    The prosecution based their case around one word -- necessary. Was it necessary for Shepard to shoot and kill Bear Bear?

    The judge ruled it wasn't. Shepard was found guilty of animal cruelty and discharging his personal handgun within 100 yards of homes.

    He has been sentenced to probation.