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Fake Beard Fails in Foiled Murder Plot



    A Frederick, Md., man is accused of trying to kill the husband of his mistress. (Published Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011)

    Investigators believe a lover's triangle was the motive behind a foiled murder plot, Montgomery County police said.

    The suspect, 43-year-old Frank Cipriani, of Frederick, was having an affair with a married woman and allegedly wanted her husband out of the picture.

    Cipriani, who is married with children, had a party and invited the husband of his lover -- a woman he supervised at the U.S. Census Bureau. According to police sources, they played a parlor game in which guests are blindfolded and asked to guess what objects are handed to them. Investigators believe Cipriani did this to get the husband’s fingerprints, police sources said.

    Cipriani allegedly posed as a building inspector and arranged for the husband to meet him at a Bethesda home the husband was remodeling, sources said. The suspect went in wearing a fake beard and allegedly pulled a gun and ordered the husband in to a back bedroom, sources said. But the beard reportedly fell off.

    When asked if he recognized Cipriani, the husband lied to avoid getting shot, sources said. When a contractor entered the home, Cipriani fled. The husband called 911.

    Investigators found fake suicide notes they believe Cipriani intended to leave next to the body, police said. That might explain the game to get the fingerprints.

    Cipriani is charged with attempted first-degree murder.