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FBI Investigates Break-ins at Northwest DC Banks



    In each case, the suspects have cut through the walls of adjacent vacant stores -- and they haven't stolen anything. (Published Friday, Aug. 24, 2012)

    A jumpsuited man broke into a Georgetown Bank overnight, and police believe the case is related to similar incidents in Woodley Park.

    In the latest case, one or more people broke into an empty business shortly after 3 a.m. Friday, and cut through a wall to the ATM vestibule of the M&T Bank next door, located at 1420 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

    Surveillance video shows a burglar dressed in a Tyvek suit, similar to those hazmat crews might wear. He was also wearing a blue baseball cap.

    On Aug. 17, a similarly dressed man broke into a Bank of America branch located at 2631 Connecticut Ave. NW in Woodley Park -- also by entering through an adjacent vacant store. The burglar also wore a black mask and gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, hair or DNA at the scene.

    Bank Break-In Suspect Caught on Camera

    [DC] Bank Break-In Suspect Caught on Camera
    D.C. police and the FBI are searching for a burglar who broke into the Woodley Park Bank of America -- possibly twice -- and didn't take anything.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012)

    The earliest known case goes back to May 24, 2011, when two people broke into the same Bank of America, also cutting through the wall from the vacant store and causing significant structural damage, authorities said. That time, no disguises were worn.

    Each break-in took place overnight, and at least in the first two incidents, nothing was taken. Authorities are still trying to determine if anything is missing in the latest case.

    The FBI is asking the public if they notice any suspicious activity.

    “Is anybody loitering in the front of the building or in the back, maybe trying to gain access through... that adjoining property?” asked David Le Valley of the FBI. “Anything that would indicate that somebody is casing the location.”

    Anyone with information should call the FBI at 202-278-2000 or MPD's tipline at 202-727-9099.