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Virginia Town Takes Candy From Babies

No sweet treats at this year's parade



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    Who doesn't like Tootsie Rolls? Fredericksburg city leaders, that's who.

    The mean ol' candy-hating Grinches in the city government are asking people to not throw any candy from floats at this year's Christmas parade, reports Where are we gonna get our sugar fix then?

    While the inclination is to think that these ninnies are worried about someone's eye getting poked out by flying bits of sugar, it's actually more about cleanliness.

    The city spent a week scraping little cocoa bits -- at least we think it was cocoa -- off the sidewalk after last year's parade. The culprit then? The yahoo who thought that tossing out ice cream sandwiches in mid-December was a good idea. 

    The weather was so cold that most people took only a bite or two from the icy treats before tossing them to the sidewalk.

    "When the parade was over, we had ice cream and wrappers and ice cream still in wrappers stuck to the pavement," he said.

    And because temperatures stayed below freezing for several days after the parade, the mess stuck around for a while before it was warm enough to use high-pressure hoses to blast it off the sidewalks.


    So even though parade organizers have enlisted 30-40 volunteers willing to clean up the mess, the city still doesn't want lobbed lollies.

    Somewhere, Santa Claus (hopefully at the North Pole; there are toys to be made!) is crying.