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Emergency Recall On Portable Propane Tanks



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    There is an emergency recall of cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Company, Inc.

    There is an emergency recall involving commonly used portable propane tanks.

    The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued the emergency recall of 55,000 propane tanks manufactured by the Lite Cylinder Company.

    The recall was issued after a PHMSA investigation revealed the product was unsafe. PHMSA says the cylinders may leak flammable gas or suddenly rupture and explode.

    PHMSA has ordered the two-piece, fully wrapped fire composite cylinders be removed from service.

    The propane tanks are often used with recreational vehicles, propane grills and other outdoor equipment.

    The emergency recall order directs anyone who is in possession of one of these specific bottles to:

    • Stop using the cylinder immediately.
    • Close the valve. Once closed, safely disconnect the cylinder.
    • Store the cylinder in a well-ventilated, unenclosed space, protected from heat and away from heat sources.
    • Do not transport the cylinder to local firehouses or landfills.
    • Contact the vendor where the cylinder was purchased or a local qualified professional, to safely discharge, purge, and remove the cylinder valve.

    You can find details of the recall here.