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Downtown D.C. Getting Recycling Bins

Pilot program to divert would-be trash



    Downtown D.C. Getting Recycling Bins
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    Recycling bins are finally coming to a large swath of streets in downtown Washington's business district.

    The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District said it is installing 10 recycling bins within its 43-block area in a pilot program. The Golden Triangle area extends from the White House to Dupont Circle and from 16th Street to New Hampshire Avenue. About 86,000 people work in the neighborhood.

    The group currently maintains 260 trash cans in the neighborhood. It aims to eventually divert about 20 percent of would-be trash to recycling.

    The first recycling bins will be installed this week. Officials plan to collect data on recycling volumes to develop the program.

    The business improvement district has made other recent enhancements to the neighborhood, including the addition of a landscaped median on Connecticut Avenue.