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Doubled MD Alcohol Tax Rakes in $6M Extra



    Doubled MD Alcohol Tax Rakes in $6M Extra

    The state of Maryland made an extra $6 million off of drinkers in July, an official claimed on Monday.

    Maryland doubled the tax on alcohol this summer, from six percent previously to nine percent now.  July was the first month with the new tax rate in place.

     If $6 million proves to be the average amount of revenue raised from the increased tax, the state will make an additional $72 million a year.  State officials originally projected added revenue of $85 million.

    David Roose, director of the Maryland Bureau of Revenue and Estimates, cautioned that July might prove to be an irregular month.  Imbibers may have stocked up before the tax increase, leading to lower sales in July.  Alcohol consumption also varies by season.

    Health advocates cheered the raised tax rate, saying it would discourage underage drinking and alcohol abuse.