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Divorced Md. Couple Battle Over Embryos

Debate over custody, potential children



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    A divorced couple from Prince George's County is in the middle of an unusual legal battle involving frozen embryos they created several years ago.

    The man in the case wants them destroyed, but a judge just recently granted custody of the embryos to his ex-wife, citing a contract the couple had signed, according to the Greenbelt Patch.
    An attorney for the man argued the ruling is unfair, telling Patch it obligates the man to be a parent against his will. He currently has sole custody of their 3-year-old daughter, who was conceived by embryo.
    The woman's lawyers say their client is not able to have children naturally because her Fallopian tubes were removed to help her get pregnant through in vitro fertilization, according to Patch. The lawyer also argued that a woman can have an abortion without a man's permission and believes the same law could be applied to this case.
    Pending an appeal, the man's attorney filed a stay to prevent the woman from implanting any of the embryos, but that has reportedly not yet been granted.