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Demonstrators Vow Hunger Strike for D.C. Representation

In the name of District representation



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    Occupy D.C. camp in McPherson Square, will three will forego food in the name of District voting rights.

    The next step for the "Occupy D.C." protesters - a hunger strike.

    The demonstrators are calling for representation in Congress for the District.

    Three protesters, Adrian Parsons, Sam Jewler and Kelly Meers, say they will refuse all food and drink only water until the President and Congress work to give D.C. full voting rights and control over its local budget and laws.

    "Until D.C. realizes democracy as stipulated above," they write, "we will follow the examples of Alice Paul, Mohandas Gandhi and Anna Hazare, and will refuse all food and consume only water in a continuous hunger strike."

    You can read the demonstrators' manifesto here.

    The hunger strikers said that in the spirit of transparency, you can watch them not eating via streaming video at this website.

    On Wednesday, more than 60 people were arrested for blocking the intersection at 16th and K streets Northwest.  The protesters were charged with obstructing a public highway.

    One protester was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.